Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer, has voiceforously trashed the recent so-called U.N. experts’ report on the alleged Rwandan involvement in the DRC.

Appearing on AL JAZEERA’s English broadcast, Frazer pointed out how flawed the report is due to its bias towards Rwanda. Saying that she had read the report unlike many critics, she was left wanting due to lack of evidence.

Al Jazeera’s Teymoor Nabili who interviewed Frazer was left speechless and caught off guard as Frazer listed a litany of the UN report’s shortcomings. As has become the custom with Rwanda’s accusers, Nabili did not have any concrete evidence to back up his accusatory questions but simply regagitated information previously circulated in main stream media.

Frazer eloquently pointed out that accusing Rwanda or withholding aid will not solve the human suffering going on in the DRC. She instead called on the international community to work with regional leaders to find a lasting solution to the crisis in the DRC.

Rwanda’s continuing contribution of peace keeping troops in Darfur and Haiti was duly noted.



  1. My two cents on this issue Willis:

    In my humble view and I’m not a diplomat, why developing nations such as all african countries do not lobby vigorously to have UN reports done by panel of analysts composed by: 1- Senior analyst from the country in question 2- Senior analyst from the other country concerned 3- Senior analyst from a 3 party with no direct involvement but for example on the same continent

    My question really is: How come they (African nations) especially don’t understand that UN is there to keep the statu-quo of the words affairs and keep these wars going. At one time some so called analyst makes an analysis on a situation favoring one agenda or another – then the politicians will use them to pursue their agenda – mostly to start wars!!

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  2. Dr. Kwame Acquaah

    I think this information should be shared by all who care about the truth. Enough allegations already! Please show the world your evidence…please…please!! I have had the honor of knowing Rwanda and I can, without reservation, say that Rwanda is a model country for Africa! Actually I went to Rwanda recently to attend a conference on finding peace and suitability in the region. There were participants from all over the great lakes region and Africa. There were also participants from the US and Europe….discussing solutions and ways to find peace in the region. This is a model all Africa must pursue if Africa is to regain her glory. Africa must not allow the ‘mental drawing of arbitrary boundaries’ to divide them anymore. Remember Berlin??

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