OBAMA’S RE-ELECTION : Not sitting well with old(Republican) white men.

Following Obama’s sweeping, decisive and un-expected victory over flip-flopping Mitt Romney on November 6, the Republican party is in shambles and not sure which way to turn. They have been sore losers that many under their tent are resorting to outright racist behavior.

But, the People have spoken and there is nothing to do but put up and shut up for the next four years.

This racist band of brothers, all old white men in the Republican party is led by none other than former President Nixon’s speech writer, Pat Buchanan. The man has become un-glued and no longer speaks in code (as most racists do) but outright racist and vicious diatribes. On MSNBC the other day talking to Al Sharpton, Buchanan referred to President Obama as “your boy.”

On the G. Gordon Liddy show, Buchanan went ballistic, referring to Obama’s victory said; “White America died last night. Obama’s re-election killed it. Our 200 plus year history as a Western nation is over. We are a Socialist Latin American country now. Venezuela without the oil.”

Askeb by Liddy whether he was implying that white people are better than other people, Buchanan said, “Of course that’s what I am saying. Isn’t it obvious? Anything worth doing on this earth was done first by white people.”

He was not done; “But we’re not led by Lincoln anymore, we are led by an affirmative-action mulatto who can’t physically understand how great America once was.”

Let me say this. Pat Buchanan is a vile, slimmy, disgusting racist pig. Yes, I said. Unfortunately he does not speak for just himself but millions of like-minded racists who are having a tough time accepting the changing world all around them.

In this group is ugly and irrelevant real estate mogul Donald Trump, John Sununu former governor of New Hampshire, and the leader of the cabal, Rush Limbaugh. To them I say, in the words of Barack Obama, we are FIRED UP AND READY TO GO.


7 responses to “OBAMA’S RE-ELECTION : Not sitting well with old(Republican) white men.

  1. Its ironic that these are the same people who made Obama’s re-election
    possible. We should all thank this fringe hate-mongering crowd for misleading their audiences. They made it sound that their opinions had
    gone mainstream and that it was possible to win.

    You ignore demographics at your own peril. You adapt to change or its
    “goodbye nyakatsi” if you see what i mean.

  2. President Bush and a bunch of old White Men stole the Election and brought on untold misery to the whole world..ruined America that even the rednecks of Appalachia could see his disastrous reign and voted for Obama in 2008. 4 years later, the Republicans tried a different tactic…buy the election outight!..but the ears, noses and eyes on any common sense thinking person could hear, smell and see the stench on the plate offered by these old oligarchs…

  3. RACE AND GENDER POLITICS ASIDE — there is no doubt that technocrats like Mitt Romney are more skilled in the crucial art of generating and distributing the daily “ugali” (otherwise known as economic growth) !!!!!!

    • Oh really Villamagome!!! So, tell me how is it that the majority of this society/country missed this wise advise that come-lately from you. FOUR MORE YEARS!! Deal with it and be glad in it. Go Obama, go!!!

  4. Villagome, you must not have been here during the reign of tricle down economics espoused by your Mittens and Republinics, a theory that never genereated any extra Ugali but so people’s incomes sprirral downwards and only the top 2% made gains…you must have been eiather sleeping or simply will not accept that the best economic growth were under policies of the Clinton Administration of which the Obama Adminsitration is a mirror image…look around you, the country is bouncing back…wake up!

  5. Clearly this Guy has Alzheimer’s.What in hell is white America? I mean this old dude sounds like a whining child that lost his favorite toy.He clearly sounds dumb.white people were the first to walk on the moon and climb mountain’s …lol!! White people were the first to fall off and break their damn necks too…ha!ha!ha! And what are you doing on the moon in the first place..Everything this nut has said sounds like white people have only done all the wrong things.Algebra ? Are you kidding me..lol! The Egyptians were doing algebra way before white people even knew what and who white people were and to tell the truth, there would be no white America if it was not for Christopher Columbus getting Lost and stealing America from the native America.Now I see that this Guy is a racist for real.I mean look at what black Americans, red Americans, yellow Americans and even the aliens had to put up with with both bush’s in office,war,death evilness,hell I like Clinton but alot of kids learned about oral sex and adultery when he was in office need I go on and these all were white people. So once again, this dude sounds very, very stupid indeed.

  6. White men conquered Everest first? Well, Brit Sir Edmund Hillary routinely gets credit (by racists) for being the first to reach the summit. But he was “escorted” by Tenzig Norgay, a sturdy Nepalese Sherpa no doubt recruited (and paid) to make sure Edmund’s lilly-white ass did not perish on the mountain.

    I love watching these bitter old white guys as they become less powerful & sink into the proverbial tar pits like roaring woolly mammoths. White dudes over the age of 65 can still remember when they OWNED this country and could get away with anything they wished. And then came the 1960’s with the war protests, civil rights, gay rights, women’s rights…..and their royal world began to crumble. And now, Barack Obama, a black man with a Muslim-sounding name is the ultimate agony for them. Good. As I’ve heard it said recently…. THE HIPPIES WON!!!!!!

    By the way, I am a 67-year-old white man.

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