RWANDA : Least corrupt in E. Africa.

Transparency International has released its 2012 report, and yes, Rwanda comes ahead of Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, and Uganda as the least corrupt.

This Corruption Perception Index (CPI) saw Rwanda join Botswana, Cape Verde and Mauritius as the least corrupt countries on the continent.

The report names Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, DRC, Angola and Guinea as the most corrupt nations in Africa.

In spite of this positive report and many others, Rwanda continues to be haunted by the, “BUT” syndrome: no matter how well we do, facts are ignored and evidence of Rwanda’s recovery swept under the rug. Rwanda’s progress is acknowledged, but this is followed by flimsy and shallow explanations why Rwanda is where it is.

Well, let others follow suit, instead of dismissing Rwanda’s progress and recovery. In 1994 we went to hell. Now we have no other way to go but forward.


2 responses to “RWANDA : Least corrupt in E. Africa.

  1. i will be much happier when this comparative index is abolished totally in favour of ZERO CORRUPTION everywhere.

  2. When I go to Rwanda do not be surprised if I do not come back….home sweet home it will be.

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