RUDASINGWA : Foot in mouth, he comments on Inyumba’s death.

As is his custom, Rudasingwa posted comments on his Facebook (that someone forwarded me – no, I dont read it!) following Aloisea Inyumba’s passing a few days ago. For whatever reason this sorry man thinks his opinions are valued. Not.

Barely two days after Inyumba’s passing, and before she could be put to rest, Rudasingwa chose to tarnish her name with un-called for comments, made up stories and opinions so vulgar, so insensitive you have to wonder where the man will stop.

But for poor up-bringing, I cannot explain why Rudasingwa does what he does and says what he says. His poor ageing mother must be hanging her head in shame in Washington, D.C., wondering why she deserves this. She does not, nor does any mother.

Any grieving family deserves the right to privacy in their dark hour, and Inyumba’s husband and young children deserve no less without having to be subjected to Rudasingwa’s obtrusive, cold and scandalous opinions.

When will he stop, or does one have to stuff a banana in his mouth?

As the nation was grieving a fallen leader, did Rudasingwa have to drag us through his tormented mind with concocted annectdotes and hurtful and banal conclusions? Inyumba would be saddened by this street behavior.

A man of honor would not have stooped this low. But then again, we are dealing with Rudasingwa.

No African, later on Umunyarwanda, would lose the decency of respecting a bereaving family and nation. Rudasingwa has much to answer for, now and in the after life.

There is ONLY one other place Rudasingwa can stick his foot.


4 responses to “RUDASINGWA : Foot in mouth, he comments on Inyumba’s death.

  1. Evarisste Justin Musonera

    Thanks Mr. Shalita for exposing this shameless, uncouth, vile and uncivilized twit. He is even meaner than his colleague, P. Karegeya, the principal adviser to Steve Hege, Kabila and Ban Ki-Moon in Kinshasa.
    Yes, that is Rudasingwa Theogene Ndatinya bin Gahigankwavu , or is it Byimbwa (the choice is his). Rudasingwa, he who would never stay in five-star hotels in London and Paris even at the height of the struggle. I feel nauseated when I remember him riding a LIMO from LYON SATOLAS to Paris saying the train was not safe enough. He and others of his ilk can never compare with heroine Inyumba. Ever.

  2. Dear Shalita, dear Musonera,
    This little whelp – apologies to our canine friends, but then what do you call the son of Byimbwa? – is not worth your time. Let him stew in his hatred of his betters, kuko bo bagiye badahemutse ahubwo barakomeje ubutwali kugeza umunsi wabo wanyuma kuli iyi isi. Mwene Byimbwa is not worthy to shine Inyumba’s shoes; his bile is nothing more than the poison of a delirious failure who cannot come to terms with the consequences of his deep character flaws and finds refuge in blaming others for his self-inflicted drop into nonentity status.

  3. Joy Kagaju Shalita

    Honor Inyumba, a woman of substance! Carry on her work, she would rather you do that instead of wasting your time on the likes of Rudasingwa. Naba n’Inyumba nyakwigendera ajyanye ubufpura nubumanzi. My greatest regret is that my daughter will never be her protege!!

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