JACOB ZUMA: A vote of confidence, and another term.

In spite of lack of enthusiasm for his leadership, Jacob Zuma has been overwhelmingly re-elected to lead the African National Congress (ANC). In all likelihood, he will get another term as President in 2014.

Kgalema Motlanthe, Zuma’s deputy, came in a distant second, having miscalculated his political fortune by trying to un-seat his boss.

Zuma is an affable man with an infectious smile, down to earth and well liked by average folk. While he may, allegedly, been governing on auto-pilot, his critics take him to task on his many marriages. But one could argue that he was elected president and not spiritual leader of South Africa.

But, all is not well in South Africa : the economy is sluggish, political violence is rampant, and education, according to some, has suffered.

Come in Cyril Ramaphosa: much rests on his shoulders, and many are hoping that he can turn into something of a prime minister, taking on the dirty day-to-day work of governing the country. He is said to be a capable manager and has what it takes to steer the country back on course.

But of late, this former trade union leader during apartheid compromised his stature by calling for tough police action against striking miners last August. He will have to mend fences, and political observers believe he has what it takes.

In the meantime, former apartheid president De Klerk has been heard mouthing off against Zuma’s presidency. There is an obvious stench of jealousness here. This man who was the last horseman of an evil and immoral system, apartheid, has no right to criticize. He belongs to the dustbin of history.


One response to “JACOB ZUMA: A vote of confidence, and another term.

  1. We as South Africans Willis Shalita are proud of what we have achieved like you are with Rwanda. Most of our people not only paid the ultimate price to attain our freedom but were jailed and exiled. People lost children, parents, siblings, spouse etc. There is freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association etc. that the current government is affording even to our former oppressors, who some of them I will argue still have oppressive mentalities. Our president, comrade Zuma, was a gallant soldier who was jailed and fought in harsh environments for our freedom. That will never be lost. Everybody has imperfections, so why should we expect comrade Zuma and comrade Cyril Ramaphosa to be perfect?
    Yes most of us have a problem with his many marriages (Your blogs though suggest that your views on this polygamous unbecoming practice converge with our president’s and I do not know you but often wonder if you are a polygamist yourself. I am sure you are.)
    Just remember we are as proud of our country South Africa as you are of Rwanda.

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