RPF’S SILVER JUBILEE: 25 Years of hope,faith and resilience.

It hardly seems real that 25 years have gone by since a people rose up and ended the shame of statelessness. But it is true, and Rwanda has much to show for it.

Gone, forever, is the absurd philosophy that Rwanda is too small for all its citizens. Today as we walk tall, we must be mindful that bad governance and genocidal ideology almost extinguished hopes and dreams of a great people, and singularly and collectively, we must do our utmost best to preserve the Motherland.

Our journey has been a success story, and many paid the ultimate price for the re-birth of a Nation. It did not have to come at such a high price, but even the greatest of Empires went through pangs of birth. Rwanda has not been different, much as we may think that ours was too costly.

To our fallen heroes, we owe an everlasting debt of gratitude, for their sacrifice is the bedrock of the New Rwanda.

To the founding Chairman of the RPF, Major General Fred Gisa Rwigema, first and foremost, and his band of gallant warriors, Rwanda is, because they are no more. May they rest in peace. Their sacrifice was not in vain, and never will be.

But as we forge ahead, we must never succumb to the arrogance of success. Much has been accomplished, but our journey has not ended.

I salute President Paul Kagame for his visionary leadership. On his watch meritocracy has become the force behind Rwanda’s recovery. His sound and pragmatic policies have silenced Rwanda’s enemies. Their empty and alarmist cries are falling on deaf ears.

To all my compatriots I say, Rwanda’s future is in our hands. Our tortured past must be the lesson with which we must ensure that never again will Rwandan blood be spilt, but for the defense of that which is good, moral and noble.


3 responses to “RPF’S SILVER JUBILEE: 25 Years of hope,faith and resilience.

  1. It is to those who paid through blood, sweat and tears that I pay my gratitude to. Thanks to them we all have a base of referance, a place we can all call home.

    A few years ago, when most of us carried the dreaded UN travel document, I
    went through an American airport and a sympathetic customs officer looked at it and was shocked. It simply asked “nationality”, and next to it stated “stateless”. She looked back at me almost with tears in her eyes and said “I hope you get a place to call home someday”.

    This in essence was what was at the core of our struggle. To those who deny the magnitude of this transformation, I say they can go eat the proverbial crow.

  2. Unless you have been a stateless refugee in a largely uncaring – and often repressive world – you will never understand the pride we Rwandans feel in the heroes that gave us back the right to have a country and the dignity and sense of self-worth that go with it. We do not take our good fortune for granted; we know the cost it took to make it possible. Which may give a slight sense of understanding – but only slight – of the attachment we have for our Government, the RPF-Inkotanyi and most especially for President Kagame.

  3. Joy Kagaju Shalita

    I feel proud to be Umunyarwandakazi, we have come a long way, but let us not forget Nkrumah’s words, no Afrikan country is free is free until all of us are free. There is so much work to be done and I am always asking myself, what is my life’s purpose. Let’s talk, let us have meeting of the minds, people!!

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