SWAZILAND : The clock stopped ticking.

The Swazi police is warning women in that country that they risk arrest if they wear mini-skirts or tops which expose part of their stomach, and God forbid, a little thigh! Are we in 2012?

This warning apparently is based on an 1889 law which bans “immoral” dressing.

According to a police spokesperson the law is aimed at curbing promiscuity, and they do not want to make it easy for rapists. Swaziland is a patriarchal society.

Rape is NOT caused by a woman wearing a skimpy attire. Rapists are deranged and determined to abuse and violate women.

But, listen to this : this colonial-era law does NOT apply to traditional regalia worn by women during ceremonies like the annual reed dance. I smell a rat.

Once a year at the reed dance,King Mswati III, sub-Saharan Africa’s only ABSOLUTE monarch, may choose a new wife, usually from a group of skimply-dressed young girls, to add to his other 13 wives. Ah!, to be King.

The police warning, obviously which does not apply to His Royal Majesty reminds Swazis to note “acceptable conduct of behavior” which the King puts on suspension during the reed dance to satisfy his insatiable appetite.

The police warning also states that it has come to their attention that there is a common tendency by some to “un-dressing people with their yes.” That is terrible. And against the laws of Swaziland I will have you know.

If anybody should be reprimanded for abuse of women it is His Royal Majesty. Having said this, I will put my travel plans to Swaziland on hold. For now.


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