Robert Krueger is a good and decent man. He has had a long and distinguished career — U.S. Congressman, Senator from the great State of Texas. And one time he was U.S. Ambassador to Burundi, so he might have a clue on the politics of the region.

But, even a great man stands to tarnish his image and career and reputation when he puts friendship ahead of facts. While entitled to his opinion, Ambassador Krueger is not entitled to make up facts as he goes along. This is what Krueger does when it comes to Rwanda.

Krueger’s hatred of President Kagame is an open secret, and he does not apologize for it. His face turns red when he is talking about our President. A statesman ought to know better.

When he is talking about his bosom buddy Paul Rusesabagina, Krueger loses all sense of logic and rationality as he glows about Ruseabagina’s alleged humanitarianism. This is exactly what Krueger did on December 15 when he was introducing Rusesabagina at a function in Brussels. He might as well have been introducing Mother Theresa.

Krueger contends that genocide is on-going in Rwanda, today. But the international community turns a blind eye. Just imagine. Kigali has the power of silencing the media?

He contends that the RPF stopped the 1994 genocide against Tutsi but unleashed its own on the Hutu population. Damn lie.

He alleges that the Rwandan government not only takes lives but steals elections. Apparently Krueger is un-comfortable with President Kagame winning the last election by 90%. This is nothing but a Western/European patronizing attitude. Pay no attention.

Krueger looked his audience straight in the face and said that Rusesabagina “is not seeking to become wealthy. He already lives well.” True, the man has hoodwinked an un-suspecting American public for the last 18 years with his highly paid speeches crafted from made up stories of how he saved lives during the genocide against Tutsi. He has made a fortune with his lies and connivance. He is one of many people that have financially benefited from the genocide against Tutsi.

Hundreds of refugees have returned to Rwanda from the DRC and Tanzania as Rwanda has stabilized and reconciled. But Krueger told his audience in Brussels that “groups of people have fled a murderous tyranny in their homeland.” Is Romnesia a condition of all Republicans?

I will give this old statesman his right to share his opinions as he pleases. But, when he makes up facts, distorts Rwanda’s record in defense of a scrupulous and dishonorable friend, I reserve the right to speak up, and correct him.



  1. Dear Willis, Unlike you I have no basis to infer about Robert Krueger’s decency and goodness. But when I see someone too often in the company of a fraudster, I invariably conclude either in a case of birds of a feather or in the kind of extreme naivety that disqualifies someone from being allowed out without an adult to protect them from harm. In which of these two categories, I wonder, does Robert Krueger belong?

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