While other European countries have risen to the occasion and apprehended genocide suspects and other scoundrels with blood on their hands from the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, France continues to play games.

Rwanda’s prosecutor General, Martin Ngoga is not mincing his words. Recently he said; “After almost two decades of giving them benefit of the doubt, it is now clear to us that French authorities are unwilling to deliver justice in Genocide cases.”

Recently a judge ruled that former First Lady, Agathe Kanzinga Habyarimana be given permanent residence in France. It is an open secret that this “Mother of Akazu” has a lot to answer for, and deserves her day in court in Kigali, just as much as her victims deserve to see justice done.

Justice delayed, is justice denied.

The French have also balked at bringing H. Rafiki Nsengiyunva to justice or extradite him to Rwanda. This former minister in the genocidal regime allegedly was complicit in the genocide and surely should not remain a free man.

The same goes for Venuste Nyombaire: the French have refused to bring him to book too, as their wheels of justice move ever so slowly, or are flat. There are currently 21 known genocide fugitives living in France as free men. Many others who were apprehended were later released by French authorities.

I say France’s behavior should be seen, and judged, keeping in mind their active participation in the genocide against Tutsi in 1994. What would give one cause to believe that they have changed since then, or have reasons to atone for their criminal behavior? I see none.


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