CHARLES TAYLOR IS IN PRISON : But he still wants a pension

Charles Taylor, the former Liberian President recently sentenced by the International Crimes Tribunal for Sierra Leone to 50 years for crimes against humanity during the Sierra Leone so-called “diamond war” is now demanding his presidential pension from the Liberian government.

You heard me right — the man has no shame. Having unleashed un-told suffering on the Liberian people and been boss of the carnage in Sierra Leone’s ten year-old war that he financed, Taylor thinks he should be rewarded. He thinks he is entitled to the pension because as President of Liberia, the constitution guarantees his retirement.

Not so, and not so fast. The Liberian constitution states that the President would be so entitled if he “honorably” left office, and is no longer in the government’s employ.

Well, Taylor is in prison, and having been sentenced to 50 years, the likelihood that he will ever come out of prison alive is zero. He is now 65.

Taylor is a callous man under whose patronage millions of Sierra Leoneans perished, and millions more were left without limbs as a result of the war’s signature of hacking off limbs of suspected opponents of the government.

Taylor neither left office honorably, nor is he an honest or decent man. He is a monster who belongs where he is, and ought to meet his Maker there. He is in the same class as Idi Amin and “Emperor” Bokassa.


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