POST APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA : Much to be proud of – PART 1.

The 1913 LAND ACT in South Africa gave 87% of the arable land to whites and — do the maths, the rest, to the owners of the land. That is the crime of apartheid — that sinister policy of separation of races, based on some flimsy and illogical religious foundation.

In 1948, South African whites would have you believe that is when apartheid became codified. Not true. If truth be known, apartheid took root in 1652 when invaders, Boers and Afrikaans, raped and stole the land from the indigenous people.

Fast forward, 1990, Nelson “Madiba” Mandela was released after 27 years of imprisonment, and a new Nation was born. To the consternation of South African whites and the rest of the doubting so-called international community, South Africa has not become a Third World country, but a model of how a graceful and brave people have not resorted to recrimination and vengeance. never mind William de Klerk’s sissy protestations. South Africans have turned their suffering into a shining example of good governance founded on that deeply rooted African philosophy of UBUNTU.

South Africa has come a long way. It has freed its white population from the demonic, hateful and illogical philosophy of apartheid and welcomed them into the world of civilized nations as equal citizens.

South Africa’s constitution, a modern marvel to behold is all inclusive, protecting minorities of all definition: tribal, gays and lesbians, Indians and so-called coloreds — not to mention that former oppressors are safe under the law.

South Africa’s middle class is expanding, and whites are still protected to benefit from their ill-gotten endeavors. According to South African-born Professor Boatamo Mosupyeoe, head of Department of Ethnic Studies at California State University, Sacramento, “our struggle has been guided by Ubuntu. We do not compromise our principles for political convenience.”

South Africa remains Africa’s hope on how we should govern ourselves. In my Part 2, I will discuss SA’s shortcomings, and they are many.

To my South African brothers and sisters, AMANDLA — MAYIBUYE. Your struggle has assured us all Africans, that where there is hope and determination, destiny is ours to define.


4 responses to “POST APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA : Much to be proud of – PART 1.

  1. Its ironic that the constitution protects the same white population from
    the black population that they brutalised for almost four centuries. Its also
    admirable that the black population has not revenged.

    The mind boggling element is that a lot of the whites don’t acknowledge this
    fact. They seek refuge in the west claiming high crime levels of crime. They
    build the country on grotesque levels of crime and white wash their blood stained hands(pun intended).

    Official neglect on the black population also resulted in low levels of education and now they expect them to behave like they had an ivy-league education.

    I think these brutal Boers should stop deluding themselves and acknowledge
    the nobility and moral superiority that the black population deserves.

  2. this is GOOD! Its the truth-we need more Africans who can articulate the reality of South Africa and indeed Africa! keep on telling stories that will make the world see the good news from Africa!

  3. Very Proficient

  4. Couldn’t put it more clearer and apt even if I tried. Bless you my darling.

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