GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN RWANDA : The record speaks for itself.

I have been thinking and musing, 23 days into the new year, 2013, how come the enemies of Rwanda have been so quiet, of late.

I could give a slew of reasons why, in addition to the fact that their concocted stories have become stale, but that would be a waste of time.

I am also mindful of the hardships of self-imposed exile our enemies are facing. Reality is beginning to kick in!

Our enemies have milked the instability in the DRC for all it is worth, and that cow is now getting dry.

And the other day, Rusesabagina’s “comical” letter to former British Premier, Tony Blair, was filed where it belongs: in the trash bin. Really now, this former cook and hotel manager apprentice thinks he is a voice to listen to? How so, other than the fact that Hollywood imploded his ego based on fabricated stories that are “Hotel Rwanda.”

But, here are 5 pieces of good news to reflect on during Happy Hour:

1.Poverty in Rwanda — 77.8% in 1994 now stands at 58.9% and is expected to fall to 44.9% in 2013.

2. Life expectancy in 1994 was 28 years (not including 100 days from April 6, 1994, of course) and now stands at 56.

3. The GDP stands well above most Sub-Saharan African countries.

4. Rwanda today has the highest proportion of female civil servants in the world, and 56.3% of parliament — an amazing and commendable achievement.

5. Last but not least, infant mortality rate is the lowest today than at any given time in the history of Rwanda.

Show me anybody that can argue with these facts and I will show you a good psychiatrist.


2 responses to “GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN RWANDA : The record speaks for itself.

  1. Growing up in diaspora, Rwanda took on mythical proportions in a child’s
    mind. I finally got a chance to visit after the struggle and crossed the border from Uganda at night fall. Seeing Kigali late at night my myth began to crumble. By daybreak, I was in a state of shock! Whats this ramshackle place that resembled a Brazilian favella? What had the previous regimes achieved? Absolutely nothing!

    To visit Kigali today and witness its transformation is almost magical! The transformation in almost two decades is staggering. Your statistics further
    support this fact. To the nay-sayers, watchout for the proverbial dustbin of history. Enjoy!

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