THE FRENCH IN MALI : I am a little suspicious.

We are told France has sent well over 750 troops to Mali to fight jihadist rebels tied to al-Qaeda who have taken over the northern half of the country.

Assuming that is true, the part about fighting al-Qaeda, I mean, we can breathe a sigh of relief. But, not so fast. Anytime the French venture into Africa we should be concerned about their alleged assistance to uphold human rights.

After all, are these not the same actors that financed, aided and supervised the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda?

Have we forgotten images of French troops driving alongside marauding gangs of INTERAHAMWE and enjoying the warm welcome by the killers who were still dripping with the blood of innocent people?

Is it not France that still harbors genocide suspects which it refuses to try or extradite so they can face justice?

Why, then must we not eye their involvement in Mali suspiciously? Wherever France has gone in Africa it has muddled in internal affairs of countries and it has never been in Africa’s best interests.

At best, the U.N. should have sanctioned an African force to protect the sovereignty of Mali, with the U.S. aiding in intelligence and transportation: Africans solving Africa’s problems.

French connivance and duplicity is legendary, and it is causing me sleepless nights. Let’s all beware.


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