KOFI ANNAN SHEDS LIGHT ON RWANDA : The U.N. failed us, big time.

In a recently published book, “INTERVENTIONS : A Life in War and Peace”, former U.N. Secretary-General, Kofi Annan clearly states that the U.N. failed Rwanda during the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

This book lays out Annan’s career with the U.N. and his involvement in peace-keeping operations, for which most analysts have given him a failing grade. In dizzying beauracratic jargon, Annan indicts the U.N.

Notably, when the genocide against Tutsi broke out in 1994, the two top men at the U.N. were Africans: Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali from Egypt, and Annan, from Ghana, and at the time of the genocide, head of U.N. Peace-keeping Operations.

Annan starts off by revealing the Code Cable the U.N. received from Gen. Romeo Dallaire, UNAMIR Force Commander on January 11, 1994, warning of an impending plan to wipe out the Tutsi. In response, Annan states, “we warned Dallaire against the offensive action (he, Dallaire) envisaged.”

The book lays out, clearly, France’s machinations and un-dying support for the Habyarimana genocidal regime, going as far as deploying paratroopers to prop up a decaying regime.

Annan states that resolution 872 which created UNAMIR did NOT give it “powers or agenda for peace enforcement.” So, what was the point, I ask?

In all this, Annan clearly states there was no interest in Rwanda, adding, “At DPKO, we certainly had no genuine deep expertise on the country.”

Why was there no interest for the world body to intervene in Rwanda? Annan states that “We saw the ingredients of a disaster akin to the failed raid on Aidid in Mogadishu three months earlier.”

“There was no appetite in the international community for taking even the slightest risks with the lives of peace-keepers, certainly not in the United States.”

Translation: The lives of Rwandans were not as valuable as those of the peace-keepers.

Annan dismisses the theory that the U.N. did not know what was going on in Rwanda in April, 1994, following the downing of Habyarimana’s plane, stating that the U.S. and France had more advanced intelligence gathering capabilities in Rwanda than UNAMIR.

Without mincing words, Annan states that the genocide was “initiated by government Hutu forces.”

The book points to a report by the CIA on April 23, 1994, clearly stating that what was happening in Rwanda was a “genocide.” Yet, the U.N. and the entire international community debated, ad nauseum, on what should be done. And on April 29, 1994, the UNHCR reported that at least 200,000 people had already been killed, since April 6, 1994.

Pushed into action, the Security Council passed resolution 918 creating UNAMIR II authorizing 5,500 troops for Rwanda, but no country was willing to assist or offer troops. Annan says, “It was one of the most shocking and deeply formative experiences of my entire career…”

How did the genocide end? Annan credits RPF’s swift victory over the genocidal forces — a fact that is not debatable, never mind what the negationists claim.


2 responses to “KOFI ANNAN SHEDS LIGHT ON RWANDA : The U.N. failed us, big time.

  1. Yusitini Murengera

    Does K. Annan also reveal the deal he cut to shield Boutros-ghali and the French Government if he wanted to replace the former as UN boss? Does Annan say what he knew about the way Colonel Luc Marshall and UNSG Special Rep sabotaged Gen. Dallaire all the time, in the pay of France, Belgium and Habyarimana?
    There are so many lies about the Genocide against Tutsis, so hard to unravel all of them. The Belgian soldiers killed, the French guys who were controlling the Tower while Bagosora’s ATCs who had replaced the regular controllers that afternoon…….One day, truth will prevail.

  2. Yusitini Murengera

    r. Editor,
    I remember you twice evoking the mass of souls at the Mall during the inauguration of President Obama.You said there were at least 800,000 people. Just add a few more and Annan, Obama and the others would see how many people died in the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda because of the american and UN refusal to recognize the facts.
    Imagine that crowd at the Mall, now go in with a machete and hack everyone to death, then try to guess how long or how
    many people it would take to do it. One Hutu murderer told
    me it takes 11 minutes to finish a cockroach with a machette and

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