THE GENOCIDE AGAINST TUTSI : We must not assign collective guilt.

The 1994 genocide against Tutsi was, by any account, the most vicious, well planned, swiftest genocide in our time. In almost 100 days, more than a million people perished. How was this possible, but for well orchestrated pre-planning, concise execution and a deeply instilled genocidal philosophy.

There can be no doubt that a sizable portion of the population took part in the attempted extermination of Tutsi, hence the swiftness and “accuracy” of the plans of annihilating Tutsi.

I am tempted to say I understand why victims and survivors of the genocide apportion collective guilt to (all) Hutus, but I do not support it, agree with it, or in any way believe in it. This is a recipe for disaster and not good for a peaceful and reconciled Rwanda.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of good-intentioned and heroic Hutus who saved lives and in the course of doing so endangered theirs. Many paid the ultimate price by refusing to subscribe to the genocidal ideology or participate in it. These men and women are also our unsung heroes, and we must acknowledge them, without hesitation.

Hence, it would not serve Rwanda well to collectively say all Hutus bear the blame. They don’t. That is a moronic proposition. It is not true and does not serve us well.

But the conspiracy of silence ought to be addressed if fences are to mend. How come the Old Guard from the Habyarimana regime who were in Rwanda at the time (and many are still there, and in government jobs) have never come forward, on their own, willingly, to condemn the acts and policies of a regime they served? Is it because they stealthily supported the policies, or lack moral courage?

There is no greater sin to see evil and do nothing about it.

Unless I have missed it, in which case I will publicly apologize, how come no prominent Hutu has written a book about the terrible 100 dark days of April, 1994? Why have these honorable men and women not found it necessary to quell this un-founded and unfair apportioning of collective blame and in so doing contribute to the healing of the Nation? I say in the interests of national healing they owe it to themselves, the Nation, and millions of survivors. Silence gives consent, and I don’t for a minute believe this is their intent.

But their silence is deafening and worrying. And it is never too late to set the record straight.

I call upon those who love Rwanda, who did not subscribe to the rotten ideology of Hutu power and genocide to step forward and do the right thing. Reconciliation cannot, and must not be, legislated. But this selfless act of setting history right would be a great pillar of a healing and forgiving Rwanda.


4 responses to “THE GENOCIDE AGAINST TUTSI : We must not assign collective guilt.

  1. lambert Munyawera

    i have to comment on this Article. number 1: i don’t know what you mean by victims and survivors of the genocide , if i understand you very well, it’s means All victims and survivors (which is not true), so here you should say some of victims and survivors.because it’s not all victims and survivors who Put Blame on all hutus(it’s not true at all), it’s even few of them. i am a genocide survivor, i have my family, and a lot of friend that are genocide survivors , so Us (me and them), we don’t put blame on all hutus(this an example).we know a lot of hutus families who had even risk their lives to save the life of tutsis on that horrible time. we don’t put Blame on all hutus, we put blame on those Hutus who had butchered our families and friends b Number 2: i don’t know if you are rwandan or Not, but it’s seems that you are not at all because it’s seems that you have no Idea about reconciliation in rwanda. so, Putting blame on all hutus has nothing to do with reconciliation in Rwanda , But Real Justice has something Big to do with reconciliation In Rwanda. you can’t talk reconciliation without Justice.we need a real justice to have a real reconciliation. so us(genicide survivors ) we need justice, after justice reconciliation will be easy. we (genocide survivors) didn’t get chance of real justice, as we know, a lot d Interahamwe(Hutus) who had butchered our families , the live free in Rwanda, the just pay price by bulding house and whatever(TIG), and then get free. that’s not justice, that not the price at all.that’s not the price for the blood of our families.they need to pay the Price , they have to face the music of what they did, and thereafter we will talk about reconciliation.

  2. Yusitini Murengera

    I agree with the writer insofar as he is talking about the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda. It would be wrong,unfair and foolhardy to apportion blame on all Hutus, considering an array of reasons, chief among them being that we have a lot of youth who were not born then. There were, between 6 April and 4 July 1994, Hutus who were not in Rwanda, many who were still too young to lift machettes or massues, those who were hunted down like Tutsis, especially those who could set up a provisional Govt after Habyarimana’s death like the PM Agatha, etc. The Genocidaires forces,those who were sworn-in at the French Embassy needed a VOID in which to operate.

  3. Yusitini Murengera

    Nevertheless, nobody should be surprised or expect any kind of excuse from even those who did not actively participate in killings. Because they knew, and they looked away. The few who stood-up for their compatriots are known and they must be honoured, not fakes like negationists idol Rusesabagina.
    By the way, I am not of those who subscribe tothe idea that TUTSI BASHING is over. Watch what is going to happen soon in RDC. Those killers can afford to wait.

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