RWANDA COMES TO BURUNDI’S AID: Good neighbors are hard to find.

The other day when a massive fire broke out at Burundi’s main market in downtown Bujumbura, completely gutting it, killing one and injuring scores, Rwanda responded, as is expected of a good neighbor, by sending helicopters to put out the blaze.

This is how neighbors ought to act, and Rwanda’s leadership ought to be commended.

Time and time again politics has soured relations between African countries. But this trend can be reversed by random acts of kindness like Rwanda has shown. Others ought to take note.

Having said this, however, I should point out that Burundi has over the years come to our aid in our hours of need. Scores of refugees were accommodated at the height of the genocide against Tutsi in 1994. Many fugitives seeking to destabilize Rwanda have been apprehended in Burundi and returned to Kigali to face justice.

A good turn deserves another.

This not the first time Rwanda has risen to the occasion: our troops are keeping the peace in Darfur. Our police has helped in restoring law and order in Haiti.

Though our means are limited, our hearts have always been in the right place. That is who we are.


2 responses to “RWANDA COMES TO BURUNDI’S AID: Good neighbors are hard to find.

  1. Willis, I haven’t wrote a comment lately but i’ve noticed a different tone or nuance in your writing .. By the way, good articles.

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  2. Very Interesting

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