This is a dark Monday for Rwanda, and for those who seek to have justice dress the wounds of a Nation.

A UN-backed court has overturned the genocide convictions of two former ministers in Habyarimana’s genocidal regime previously sentenced to 30 years.

Justin Mugenzi and Prosper Mugiraneza will soon be “free” men.

When will this slap in the face and sham justice end? When will a Nation’s wounds heal, as time and time again, men who planned, engineered and executed the genocide against Tutsi are set free?

And Rwanda is expected to quietly move on, lick her wounds, reconcile — as the same international community that abandoned us in our hour of need continues to trivialize the Genocide.

One of the reasons cited by the court that has released these two men whose hands are dripping with the blood of millions is that they had no way of knowing that the dismissal of Butare’s prefect, Jean-Batiste Habyarimana would result in instant killings, adding that the dismissal could have been “for political and administrative reasons.”

This is an insult to simple logic, and there is overwhelming evidence to dispute the Court’s shallow reasoning.

The Genocide was based on vile political grounds and genocidal ideology. The removal of Butare’s prefect was so that the killings would be expedited. The prefect’s immediate murder is but proof of the original intent of these two monsters that have been ordered to be released.

Mugenzi and Mugiraneza may soon be “free”, but they will remain prisoners of their conscience, if they have any.


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