UGANDAN COUP TALK IS OMINOUS: Is this writing on the wall?

Coup talk in Kampala, from President Museveni himself and the generals under him is disconcerting. In fact, deeply troubling if you ask me.

That this talk would start with the Head of State seems to be a signal that cannot be ignored.

Is all well in Kampala?

Soon after the President voiced concern about an unruly Parliament, meaning members of Parliament not going along with official policies, in chimmed Minister of Defence Crispus Kiyonga echoing his boss, later to be amplified by Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Aronda Nyakairima.

That coup talk would start at the top, from those charged with upholding the constitution, can only be interpreted as a sign of things to come, or that the state of the Republic is NOT well.

And there is a bigger question being asked all over Kampala : Is there an army within an army? Allegedly, the President’s son, Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Commander of Special Forces, is keeping a watchful eye.

The question has to be asked : Is a military coup Museveni’s last line of defence?

Or better still: Is the army the one that is keeping Museveni in power, and civilian politticians simply legitimizing the regime?

However you answer these questions, however you construe coup talk in Kampala, one cannot help but wonder if all is well, or are State actors getting tired, after almost three decades at the helm?


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