ISRAEL’S FORMER SPY CHIEFS SPEAK OUT: Palestinian occupation is bad for Israel.

Six former heads of Israel’s dreaded SHIN BET, the secretive internal security service have spoken out for the first time and are making stunning news.

Their disclosures are in a newly released documentary, THE GATEKEEPERS, a story of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

The men who were responsible for keeping Israel safe from terrorists for decades say they are afraid for Israel’s future as a democratic Jewish state. And who is in a better position to know than these former spy chiefs.

All six men argue, with varying convictions, that the Israel occupation cannot bring peace and to think otherwise is not in Israel’s national interests.

One of the former chiefs, Avraham Shalom says Israel lost touch with how to coexist with the Palestinians as far back as 1967 during the Six Day War and the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

The chiefs say that Israel has incredible tactics, but lacks long-term strategy. If there is no move toward peace, these former spies contend, all security operations are meaningless.

Israeli film director Dror Moreh who sat the six men down for his documentary says that this is “the most pro-Israel film” he could have created, adding; “When you see the Titanic heading toward the iceberg, what would you do?”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly has not seen the documentary, and his spokesperson says he had no plans to do so.

What is he afraid of? That peace will break out?


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