ANN COULTER : Racist, bitchy and gives free speech a bad name.

The other day, Ann Coulter, the skinny Conservative Republican commentator bolted off a Miami to New York bound AA plane after learning that the pilot was black.

It is reported that Coulter made a spectacle of herself and tried to influence other passengers into her madness but got no takers. Just horrified looks.

“Is this what we’ve come to in Obama’s America?” she asked.

“What’s next? Are we gonna let Mexicans become doctors now? Jesus Christ, people”, she said. Please leave Christ out of your madness and bigotry.

This is the same woman that has called President Obama “a retard.”

The pilot that Coulter was bitching about is a former U.S. Airforce pilot, a decorated veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and reportedly one of the most experienced 737 pilots at American Airlines.

Asked for comment, TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler said, “Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness. We recommended against pressing charges, and mandated a full psychiatric evaluation.”

Clearly Coulter has serious issues with herself. Wickedly brilliant, though not funny or amusing, she is typical of members of the extreme far right wing of the Republican party and so-called Birthers.

Freedom of speech has a price, people. And we are paying it.


3 responses to “ANN COULTER : Racist, bitchy and gives free speech a bad name.

  1. It is a price worth paying. I’d rather put up with elitist morons like Coulter than live in China and be imprisoned because I disagreed with governmental policy. I believe that Political Correctness is the anthesis of freedom. If you belive that people are free to do or say things that you agreed with, then there is no freedom. I also believe it is silly to put people in strictly defined boxes-“liberal” “conservative” etc human beings are complex. For example-if I told someone that I am a member of the Sierra Club (which I am) there are people who make assumptions about me. If I ommitted that fact and told people I have hunted and fished, those same people would make a different assumption about me. Finally-maybe Coulter’s problem is that she is only comfortable being around her “tribe.” In that case, she has placed herself in a box.

  2. edit. I believe that if people are ONLY free to do or say things that you agree with, then there is no freedom.

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