GENOCIDE SUSPECT MUNYENYEZI BACK IN COURT: Guilty by association, or birds of a feather?

Beatrice Munyenyezi, a Rwandan woman and resident of New Hampshire since 1998 whose immigration and extradition case ended up in a mistrial last year is back in court this week in Concord, New Hampshire for re-trial.

She was arrested in 2010 and charged with immigration fraud. She is also charged with playing an “active and enthusiastic” role in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, along with her family. Her conviction would mean loss of her American citizenship, 10 years in prison, and potentially, deportation.

Munyenyezi must be assumed innocent until proven guilty. That is the law. But, her background and connections leave you wondering.

Munyenyezi’s husband, Arsene Shalom NTAHOBARI, a former leader of INTERAHAMWE was charged, tried and convicted of crimes against humanity at the ICTR in Arusha a few years ago and sentenced to life in prison.

Munyenyezi’s mother-in-law, former Minister in Habyarimana’s genocidal regime, Pauline NYIRAMASUHUKO, AKA, “Mother Genocide” was also sentenced to life imprisonment by the ICTR. Allegedly she was the mastermind of the group.

What is the likelihood that Munyenyezi, in concert with her husband and mother-in-law acted as partners in manning roadblocks in Butare to accomplish their criminal, murderous acts against Tutsi?

This sure seems like a family enterprise, but in all fairness, we must await the court verdict. But if it smells like manure, it usually is.

Of note : Before trial, Judge McAuliffe ordered both prosecution and defence lawyers NOT to mention the convictions of Munyenyezi’s husband and mother-in-law. Why?

Me thinks because birds of a feather flock together.


6 responses to “GENOCIDE SUSPECT MUNYENYEZI BACK IN COURT: Guilty by association, or birds of a feather?

  1. I see you still wear your Investigator hat!! It would be nice to get rid of this “alleged” murderer.

  2. Okay Willis, I made a couple of comments. Maybe the debate can begin. Haha All the best!


  3. lambert Munyawera

    i did my High school and Universirty in Butare City, but everyone there(Butare city), knows this Lady (MUNYENYEZI) as Evil.
    she should Face the music of what she did in 1994 Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda. she(Munyenyezi) butchered innocent people, so she has to pay the Price.
    i know, she can escape the human Judgement, but she will never Escape the God judgement.

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