ZIMBABWE : Tha Hangman is back.

Since 2005, the position of Hangman in Zimbabwe has been vacant. No takers. None. Finally, an official Hangman has been hired, and he is not Zimbabwean but from Malawi.

You can read all you want in this, but the real issue is the death penalty.

Amnesty International 2011 records show that 18 African countries abolished the death penalty. There are 25 countries that have the death penalty but have not used it. There are 11 others that “maintain the death penalty in both law and practice.”

Rwanda abolished the death penalty in 2007, and this has served well, especially in convincing countries which apprehend genocide suspects to extradite them.

I think the death penalty is barbaric, but that is one man’s opinion.

In 2011, there were these hangings in these countries: Egypt 1, Somalia 6, S.Sudan 7. In comparison, the U.S. put to death 43 people. Not a good record for the world’s biggest democracy.

Back to Zimbabwe, this poor forsaken country, once Africa’s breadbasket that is slowly but surely bleeding to a slow death. Robert Mugabe has been at the helm since 1980. And with wreckless abandon has turned his country into a beggar nation. A failed State, to be sure. And now, he has brought the Hangman back.

Those who refuse to learn from the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. On December 30, 2006, Saddam Hussein was hanged, and this macabre act was televised – live.

Will Harare take heed?


2 responses to “ZIMBABWE : Tha Hangman is back.

  1. Zimbabwe’s finance minister said on Monday and this was in the news in Canada that their country had $227.00 cash in their country piggy bank account!!! You and I on that day were maybe 100 times better off than the country of Zimbabwe haha

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  2. By the way on previous email – very sad indeed, $227 really?!?

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