POPE BENEDICT TO STEP DOWN: I had nothing to do with it!

The other day in this medium I expressed my strong views on the shortcomings of religion, and christianity in general. I stand by my position, until proven wrong.

This morning I woke up to the news that the Pope will step down February 28. Good news on two counts: Benedict has not been a good, effective spiritual leader of his flock. Secondly, I did not know he reads my blog!

Let the record also reflect that this Pope has failed the people of Rwanda by not condemning the role of the Catholic Church for their active and shameful criminal participation in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. In fact, the Vatican’s conduct borders on criminality for their continued protection and support of the clergy who allegedly participated in the genocide, and are hiding behind the walls of the Vatican, and still wear their pastoral robes.

Whether you are believer or not, you cannot but question the lavish and princely style behind the ornate walls of the Vatican. Jesus would not recognise what goes on there, and might not even be welcome. I am serious, because we are told that the man from Palestine lived a simple and ordinary life. He certainly did not have a bulletproof Popemobile.

The Vatican’s pronouncement is that Benedict will “abdicate.” Say what? Only Kings abdicate. A man of God should simply give up his office.

Oh, yes. Benedict has also been been soft on the sexual crimes of the clergy against unsuspecting Altar Boys — a crime that has been a signature of the Catholic Church and has done irreparable damage, and cost the Vatican billions in legal sanctions.

I am willing to bet : the next Pope will not be a man of color. Watch.


One response to “POPE BENEDICT TO STEP DOWN: I had nothing to do with it!

  1. Populated mostly by child molesters, this denomination needs to seriously
    do some inner reflection. Born a Catholic, I had hoped that this Pope would
    do much to re-deem his flock but he failed miserably.

    As a former Hitler youth, he should have known what extreme views can lead to but he chose not to provide the necessary leadership during and after the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

    Its for these reasons that I say good riddance! Sorry people but thats how I feel.

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