ARUSHA NEWS & ICTR : It all stinks up to high heaven.

How much more can a People take? When you think you have heard enough from the ICTR in Arusha, out comes more surprising, hurtful bad news.

Is the ICTR about to pronounce that there was no genocide?

In 1994, while Rwanda bled to death, the U.N. deliberated whether there was a genocide going on, never mind the evidence staring them in the eye. The CIA presented a report to President Bill Clinton, to the effect that what was happening in Rwanda met the criteria of a legal definition of genocide. The debate went on, ad nauseum, and in the course of 100 days, a million, plus, people perished.

To be fair, Bill Clinton has made an attempt at atonement. Too little, too late. He has to live with his conscience. I don’t buy his argument that he did NOT know. The CIA gave him a definitive report that genocide was underway. Otherwise, why did the American Embassy evacuate its employees, but abandoned the Rwandans that worked for them, well knowing they would surely be killed? And, all of them were killed.

Now, the ICTR has commutted BAGOSORA’s life sentence to 35 years. The architect, mastermind of the genocide against Tutsi, may, God forbid, live to be an octogernarian. I doubt it, and hope not.

In light of all this, in light of this ongoing insult to who we are, in light of the deniers and negationists of the genocide against Tutsi, do we have to take matters into out own hands to ensure that justice is done?

How long must we endure this ongoing negationism and hurtful decisions against the survivors of the Genocide?

This much I know, and believe, “NEVER AGAIN”, in our case, is a reality. It is NOT an empty phrase.


One response to “ARUSHA NEWS & ICTR : It all stinks up to high heaven.

    Murambi survivors react with anger over ICTR’s acquittal of Ex Ministers

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