GENOCIDE TRIALS : Venues distort and deny justice.

Recent news from the ICTR in Arusha has NOT been good, deeply worrying, if you ask me. Reversal of convictions and outright acquitals have to worry all of us.

What is next? Release all the genocidaires, and deny that genocide against Tutsi did NOT take place?

If you can slap the chief architect and mastermind of the genocide, BAGOSORA, with a mere 35-year sentence, reduced from life imprisonment, what message are you sending?

If Bagosora cannot be held to account, then Judas Iscariot must be pronounced innocent. Where will this end? More importantly, what is the agenda behind all this? Or should we take a close look at Judge Theodore Melon’s background and connections? Where there is smoke, there might be fire. You think?

More than a billion dollars has been spent in Arusha, and ONLY a score of convictions, and more acquitals. The reported malfeasance at ICTR should have forced the Security Council to ask uncomfortable questions and fix the system. But no, it is business as usual, as all sorts of actors build up retirement accounts at the expense of Rwandans that needlessly perished. I am told ICTR staff in Arusha, judges and all, enjoy lifestyles they never dreamt of in their countries.

It seems like a bad dream, that Bagosora has been treated with kid gloves — this unrepentant monster of a man who walked out of the Arusha peace talks and promised to unleash the apocalypse against the Tutsi. That he has a chance to ever spend another single day as a free man is not only repulsive but a mockery of justice.

In comparison, the GACACA system has tried over 100,000 people and dispensed justice, with limited resources. Most of those tried were average citizens. Those being tried in Arusha on the other hand, so-called BIG FISH, well financed and oiled, should also be tried in Rwanda where they commited the alleged crimes. Why separate the crime(s) from the scene — unless you are intent on diluting justice?

Genocidaires commited crimes against their own kith and kin, and they should be tried by a jury of their peers — NOT foreigners who have little or no interest, passion, or compassion in our plight, but see and treat the ICTR as a vehicle to enhance their resumes. Decency prohibits me to say more. And I won’t, now.


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