A BLACK POPE : Not in our lifetime.

Pope Benedictus’ announced resignation has sparked all sorts of debates, on one hand, because it has not happened in the last 600 years, but also because speculation has ensued about who will be the next Pope.

This much I know : it will not be a black man, for obvious reasons. The Catholic Church is very racist, sexist, and political, never mind the fact that most Catholics are not white.

And can you imagine a black Pope and a black President in the White House! Can the world handle this? And on top of that, the best golfer is black! I think we have filled our qouta folks.

Why not a Brazilian since Brazil has more catholics than any other country?

Africa has two candidates : a Nigerian, but his advanced age disqualifies him. And a Ghanaian. And why not? Kidingly, a friend of mine said to me, what if they discover that he has a “secret” wife! Naughty, naughty.

It cannot be a woman because the Catholic Church is draconian and behind times on gender issues.

The Papacy is really the preserve of old white men, and over centuries they have developed a sense of entitlement that will be hard to overcome.

The Vatican ought to realize that the Church is getting younger,, and in an effort to modernize and distance themselves from out-dated ideas and thinking, the Cardinals choosing the next Pope should wise-up.


One response to “A BLACK POPE : Not in our lifetime.

  1. Just like the Mitt Romney campaign ignored changing demographics
    so is the Catholic Church.

    You ignore global trends like these at your own peril. These are mathematical certainities and one can not wish or pray them away.
    You either adapt or go the way of the dodo! Good luck!

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