KAGAME TELLS OFF AID DONORS: We are masters of our destiny.

On his tour of the Southern Province, President Kagame did not, as always, mince his words regarding the strings attached to foreign aid.

“Any assistance from elsewhere should not be used to determine our path but to achieve the goals Rwandans have set” the President declared.

Following un-verified allegations by Western countries that Rwanda was aiding M23 rebels in the DRC, several countries suspended aid following a bogus U.N. report accusing Rwanda of interfering in the DRC’s internal affairs.

No matter how many times it has been said, Rwanda is not responsible for poor governance, and as such cannot be the solution.

Time and again, Rwanda has been accused of profiteering from the DRC’s natural resources. Were it so. How come the owners of these resources have failed to uplift their living standards using these same resources?

The simple truth is, as long as the DRC is unstable, Western mining companies stand to gain. Stop the smoke and mirrors.

Colonialism may be over, but neo-colonialism is raising its ugly head through foreign aid. But Rwanda will not fall for it. Yes, we need assistance but NOT at any cost.

Rwanda is a small country, but Rwandans are not simple-minded. We shall navigate through this, as we have done through many other crises in our history.

President Kagame said it best; “Nobody should be there to commend or assist and tell us what to do. It is all about mutual assistance.”

It is this simple.


One response to “KAGAME TELLS OFF AID DONORS: We are masters of our destiny.

  1. When you cut through all the hifalutin talk about mutual responsibilities you find the giver-taker relationship is always driven by the urge to dominate the recipient. And our current contretemps with donors withholding aid on flimsy grounds prove that.

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