EX-Rep. JESSE JACKSON GUILTY: A Mighty sad Fall.

At a time when black political leadership is dwindling and at an all-time low, Jesse Jackson’s criminal guilty plea punches a knock-out blow to the Civil Rights Movement.

It is as if the Rev. Martin Luther King is leading from the grave, considering the current disarray in black political leadership in America.

It is even sadder that Jackson was brought down by simple greed, a love of mundane material things that clouded his, and his wife’s judgment to betray public trust.

Consider Jackson’s indulgences: a $43,350 gold-plated men’s Rolex watch. $17,000 for tobacco. $60,000 on night clubs and restaurants.$5,800 on alcohol. All this from the campaign fund Jackson used as a personal slush fund.

How much of this behavior is reletaed to Jackson’s bipolar disorder is hard to say, but I leave that to physicians to address. Sandi Jackson’s case is a different story, and she will pay dearly for her actions when she is sentenced come June.

Jackson,47, is the son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a political icon and a marverick in his own right. This must be heart-breaking, and I feel for the family. But that it could have gone on for so long is rather concerning, because all close to Jackson surely must have seen the warning signs.

Makes you wonder what is in the air in the City of Chicago. Five former Illinois Governors have served jail time for corruption, including the last governor who attempted to sell Obama’s senatorial seat. Now Jackson. The murder rate in the city, especially of young black males has become a national concern. And the black leadership remains mum.


4 responses to “EX-Rep. JESSE JACKSON GUILTY: A Mighty sad Fall.

  1. Yehoyada Mbangukira

    Willis: Use spell checker on these blogs, this one had several typographical errors that you overlooked

    Yehoyada Mbangukira†

    † “The limit of your present view is not the limit of your possibilities…” Guy Finley


  2. Dear Willis,
    Chicago and corruption have been synonymous for a long time; from the Mob to the spoils system of Machine Politics brought to it’s height by Richard Daley, the City and it’s constituent precincts have always been run for the benefit of those in control. The wonder is that fewer pols are doing time than should. Yes, it is a personal tragedy for the Jackson family, especially it’s patriarch, but Chicago politicians are all potential cons-in-waiting, given the way the game is played in their city. I have never visited the place, but being a keen reader of political systems and processes around the world, Cook County has always evoked politics, including the ethnic kind, at it’s worst.

  3. Evariste J. Musonera

    Dear Yehoyada,
    I only noticed two very minor mistakes (related, maverick), even his mentor Prof. Rubadiri and his teachers at King’s College Buddo would not crucify him for them. By the way, did you forget something at the end of your observation? Much ado about nothing really!

  4. If all Mr. Mbangukira can get from this blog is “typographical” errors
    then he shouldn’t be reading it. Does Sesame St ring a bell anyone?

    In his haste to judge the author, he exposed his own grammatical flaw.
    Ever heard of a full stop?

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