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  1. Karasanyi Rugagi

    Today, I will just focus on some of your writings which have been surfacing on the internet. For the sake of argument, I will pretend as if I never heard the story that earned you an infamous name REDCOM. Nor would I write anything on how much money you received through bribery and illegal means while the Intercontinental hotel was being built and President Office was being renovated. I will just assume that you left your post as secretary general of RPF as a very clean man and will be blindfold myself and pretend that several millions which were lost during your tenor was just an accounting software that made an error.

    By the way, before I start, I just wanted to know how is your half brother Gahima doing? Can you please ask him on behalf of Rwandan people if he ever paid back millions of dollars he borrowed as a loan from our poor banks using your elderly mother’s name. I also heard that Australian government is looking for him for the money he still owes in East Timor . Please tell him not to do a mistake of calling Australia a dictatorship the way you and the rest of the gangs call your government leadership simply because they couldn’t give you an opportunity to steal our national coffers.

    I was recently in Kigali and met a lot of people your half jailed for no reason. They include his former colleagues and subordinates he fired from work for not following his unethical conducts as a prosecutor general and others he terrorized with a total disregard of their basic human rights. They gave me a message of hope and happiness on how our president and the country is transforming with fast pace. They said that Gahima shouldn’t worry because they were doing extremely well after his departure and that As God fearing Rwandans, they promised to not seek any revenge when you both are returned to Rwanda to serve your sentences.

    Anyways, without further ado, let me go straight to your press release titled “STOP PERSECUTING PAUL RUSESABAGINA, RWANDA NATIONAL CONGRESS TELLS THE GOVERNMENT OF RWANDA” dated 17 February 2011. You mentioned that Rwanda has manipulated CEPGL and ICGLR to “harass, hunt down and possibly incarcerate innocent Rwandan.” However, you never mentioned the report released by the UN Panel of experts that pinned your two gangsters in South Africa ? Are you playing selective research tactics, DR?
    In the same release you also said that “President Paul Kagame strives to sow seeds of discord among people who fled from his regime….” Who are those people Dr. Rudasingwa? The president was elected by the Rwandan people by 93 percent of the vote; in the Diaspora he won by 96 percent. Who are those people who fled the country are you referring to? Are you referring to you and your half brother? I know Gervais Condo was a first counsellor in Adis Ababa during Kinani’s regime and has never been to Rwanda since. The lady you fired while you were Ambassador and now is among the Rwandan Congress Founder did not return home because she thought every body was evil like you and your brother. BEM forgot to return home because of alcohol. By the way people in Kigali liked RNC infamous photo, except my grandfather and his friends who thinks that you all looked so tired, fake and unhappy. In fact most of my grandpa friends thought that the photo was taken in Mokoto, DRC in 1959 because it resembles pictures taken at that time. They were really surprised to know that the picture was taken in 2011 of all the places, the United States of America . But don’t worry because they don’t know any one of you.

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