EX-Rep. JESSE JACKSON GUILTY: A Mighty sad Fall.

At a time when black political leadership is dwindling and at an all-time low, Jesse Jackson’s criminal guilty plea punches a knock-out blow to the Civil Rights Movement.

It is as if the Rev. Martin Luther King is leading from the grave, considering the current disarray in black political leadership in America.

It is even sadder that Jackson was brought down by simple greed, a love of mundane material things that clouded his, and his wife’s judgment to betray public trust.

Consider Jackson’s indulgences: a $43,350 gold-plated men’s Rolex watch. $17,000 for tobacco. $60,000 on night clubs and restaurants.$5,800 on alcohol. All this from the campaign fund Jackson used as a personal slush fund.

How much of this behavior is reletaed to Jackson’s bipolar disorder is hard to say, but I leave that to physicians to address. Sandi Jackson’s case is a different story, and she will pay dearly for her actions when she is sentenced come June.

Jackson,47, is the son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a political icon and a marverick in his own right. This must be heart-breaking, and I feel for the family. But that it could have gone on for so long is rather concerning, because all close to Jackson surely must have seen the warning signs.

Makes you wonder what is in the air in the City of Chicago. Five former Illinois Governors have served jail time for corruption, including the last governor who attempted to sell Obama’s senatorial seat. Now Jackson. The murder rate in the city, especially of young black males has become a national concern. And the black leadership remains mum.


BEATRICE MUNYENYEZI : Convicted, at last and justice prevails.

Justice is often slow, but the long arm of the law finally reaches out and delivers justice, resoundingly.

A few hours ago, Jurors convicted Beatrice Munyenyezi of lying to obtain U.S. citizenship by DENYING HER ROLE IN THE 1994 GENOCIDE AGAINST TUTSI.

Very good news indeed. Justice should not only be done. It should be seen to be done. Today, in Concord, New Hampshire justice rung out with a defeaning bang.

Upon hearing the verdict, Munyenyezi is reported to have put her head down on a courtroom table and started weeping. Yes, pure tears of guilt,shame and her own deeply held inhuman feelings. Nobody is sheding a tear in Rwanda.

Munyenyezi’s husband and mother-in-law were sentenced to life imprisonment at the ICTR in Arusha. Munyenyezi’s conviction closes this dastardly, cowardly and evil family enterprise.

Here is more good news : U.S. District Judge Steven McAuliffe stripped Munyenyezi of her U.S. citizenship and ordered her detained until her sentencing scheduled for June 3. She intends to appeal.

NOTE : Munyenyezi was not on trial for genocide or other war crimes. But Prosecutors told court that she was an extremist Hutu who killed and ordered the rapes of untold Tutsi victims — NOT the innocent refugee she claimed to be in 1995 when she applied for a visa and later when she applied for and obtained U.S. citizenship in 2003.

KAGAME TELLS OFF AID DONORS: We are masters of our destiny.

On his tour of the Southern Province, President Kagame did not, as always, mince his words regarding the strings attached to foreign aid.

“Any assistance from elsewhere should not be used to determine our path but to achieve the goals Rwandans have set” the President declared.

Following un-verified allegations by Western countries that Rwanda was aiding M23 rebels in the DRC, several countries suspended aid following a bogus U.N. report accusing Rwanda of interfering in the DRC’s internal affairs.

No matter how many times it has been said, Rwanda is not responsible for poor governance, and as such cannot be the solution.

Time and again, Rwanda has been accused of profiteering from the DRC’s natural resources. Were it so. How come the owners of these resources have failed to uplift their living standards using these same resources?

The simple truth is, as long as the DRC is unstable, Western mining companies stand to gain. Stop the smoke and mirrors.

Colonialism may be over, but neo-colonialism is raising its ugly head through foreign aid. But Rwanda will not fall for it. Yes, we need assistance but NOT at any cost.

Rwanda is a small country, but Rwandans are not simple-minded. We shall navigate through this, as we have done through many other crises in our history.

President Kagame said it best; “Nobody should be there to commend or assist and tell us what to do. It is all about mutual assistance.”

It is this simple.

RWANDA BASHING : I have had it.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry that visits Rwanda comes back an expert of sorts, a condition that honestly is beginning to get on my nerves.

The latest: Dr. Vincent DeGennaro, an internal medicine physician and global public health specialist in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

In a diatrribe (by his own admission) posted at the end of last year in “Alumni Blogs And Society & Culture”, DeGennaro says that “Of the 40 or so countries I have been to, Rwanda may be the only one I didn’t like.”

I can accept that, and not everybody will like Rwanda. Fair enough. But DeGennaro’s misinterpretations and condescending attitude, his sheer sense of uppity is grossly out of place.

Westerners who go to Africa and want to be treated like demi-Gods really ought to stay home. America is no utopia either. DeGennaro’s diatribe reminds of me of a small boy that goes out to play but is slighted by the other kids and runs back to the house crying to the mother seeking comfort. DeGennaro, you ain’t getting any from me, I am sorry.

DeGennaro speaks with a forked toungue. “Rwanda is much easier than places like Honduras, where there is constant worry for personal safety, or Haiti, where you can’t rent a decent air-conditioned hotel room no matter how much money you have.”

He calls Rwanda “a perfect place on the surface with a dark soul.” He claims he was haunted by ghosts and dark spirits “down the corridors of the hospital” where he worked and treated cancer patients. May be the 18 months he spent in Rwanda he should have sought medical help.

He goes on to say, “I like the Rwandan people – honest, generous, and loyal…” Wow! Thanks good doctor. What would we have done without this accolade.

“More than any other country of dark-skinned people, Rwanda made me feel odd, like an animal in a zoo. No matter where I went, Rwandans stopped whatever they were doing, stared as I walked by and, without fail, said mzungu (white person or foreigner.” May be it is because they are “dark-skinned” as he noticed?

He goes on to make this observation: “Rwandans follow orders and procedure to a fault, even if the rules contradict their own self-interest.” When did observing laws and civility go out of style?

“On some level, the consistency was comforting, knowing that every form must have every box checked, that deadlines would be strictly adhered to” he says. Come on doctor, make up your mind. If you are more comfortable in a Banana Republic, call me and I will tell you where you can go next to help “dark-skinned” folks.

And yes, after 18 months in Rwanda, DeGennaro mastered the politics of the region. He states that Rwanda supports the insurgency in the DRC where we have started “a campaign of raping and pillaging…”

DeGennaro’s diatribe then crosses the line by complaining about The AGACIRO FUND which he calls a “solidarity fund”, making allegations that people are forced to donate 10% of their salaries. I say, stick with medicine and leave us to manage our own affairs which you don’t seem to comprehend. We are doing fine, thanks.

“Rwanda is in significantly better shape than many of their neighbors because of the singularity of purpose of the government …” Degennaro concludes. And as I was to breathe a sigh of relief, like many do, he added in the big BUT : “But at what cost?”

He closes by saying, “It is entirely possible that I will never be welcomed back in Rwanda if the wrong person reads this diatribe, and I am finally at peace with that.”

Wrong, again, good doctor. Rwandans are NOT simple minded.

THE IRAQ WAR : George Bush and Co. lied to us.

HUBRIS : the Selling of the Iraq War, a new documentary special aired today on MSNBC has told us what we suspected all along.

President George Bush lied to the Nation on why America invaded Iraq. The pretext that there were WMD – Weapons of Mass Destruction, was an outright lie.

And as a result of this damned lie, George Bush and his Vice President Dick Chenney caused 4,600 Americans to lose their lives and left more than 35,000 others maimed, and permanently disabled. The world paid little attention to the deaths of well over a million Iraqis.

Had this tragedy been caused by others, other than Bush and Cheney, two of America’s most powerful men, they would be facing criminal charges at The Hague.

NOTE : Today, George Bush cannot travel freely to Europe, lest he be served with a criminal complaint.

And history will not be kind to Gen. Colin Powell, then Secertary of State, who allowed himself to be used and compromise his integrity and legacy, to present what he knew, or should have known, to be less than credible evidence to the U.N., about the existence of WMD in Hussein’s Iraq.

What Powell presented in his 90 minute well rehearsed speech to the U.N. as evidence of WMD was a hoax. A man of his stature, integrity, reputation, should have seen through Bush’s and Cheney’s deviousness. His military career prepared him well to know right from wrong. He let us down, and in so doing, soiled and damaged his legacy for all time.

That Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and connections to al-Qaida was patently false. This was the position Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld asserted in public with absolute confidence. Ranking U.S. military officers and intelligence professionals voiced their doubts to no avail.

Gen. Anthony Zinni, commander in chief of U.S. Central Command at the time the U.S. was preparing to invade Iraq said this; ” It was a shock, it was a total shock – I could’nt believe the Vice President (Cheney) was saying this – “There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies and against us”, Cheney said.

Gen. Zinni adds; ” I never saw one piece of credible evidence that there was an ongoing program. What I was hearing (from Bush administration officials) and what I knew did not jive.”

Bush and company twisted, massaged and wildly exaggerated intelligence to pull off an illegal war against a sovereign country.

Alas, they will never be held accountable.

A BLACK POPE : Not in our lifetime.

Pope Benedictus’ announced resignation has sparked all sorts of debates, on one hand, because it has not happened in the last 600 years, but also because speculation has ensued about who will be the next Pope.

This much I know : it will not be a black man, for obvious reasons. The Catholic Church is very racist, sexist, and political, never mind the fact that most Catholics are not white.

And can you imagine a black Pope and a black President in the White House! Can the world handle this? And on top of that, the best golfer is black! I think we have filled our qouta folks.

Why not a Brazilian since Brazil has more catholics than any other country?

Africa has two candidates : a Nigerian, but his advanced age disqualifies him. And a Ghanaian. And why not? Kidingly, a friend of mine said to me, what if they discover that he has a “secret” wife! Naughty, naughty.

It cannot be a woman because the Catholic Church is draconian and behind times on gender issues.

The Papacy is really the preserve of old white men, and over centuries they have developed a sense of entitlement that will be hard to overcome.

The Vatican ought to realize that the Church is getting younger,, and in an effort to modernize and distance themselves from out-dated ideas and thinking, the Cardinals choosing the next Pope should wise-up.

MUGESERA PLEADS ‘not guilty” : His “alibi” is comical.

Yesterday, in broad daylight in Kigali, Leon Mugesera pleaded “not guilty.” The law demands a plea, and it is Mugesera’s right to enter one, as he so wishes.

He is charged with inciting people to take part in genocide. Planning. Preparing. Inciting hatred.

The basis of the charges against Mugesera emanate from his hate, vitriolic speech in November 1992 in which he implored the masses to kill Tutsi, and expedite their return to Abyssinia (present day Ethiopia) whence (he contends) we come from by throwing bodies into NYABARONGO.

Noteworthy: Mugesera does NOT deny making the speech. He insists his words have been twisted and misinterpreted. Really? How else would such a call to arms be interpreted?

“I have never planned genocide; this has never come in my mind” Mugesera says.

Put Mugesera’s silly and empty legal tango aside. He passionately and emphatically called on Hutus to target Tutsi, specifically, for slaughter, thus he is guilty of the crime of genocide.

“There is a serious issue of imprecision in all the charges …” Mugesera pleads. This can only be in his tormented mind. His message is clear to even an infant. It is on tape. His audience took his words to heart, acted on them, and therefore, Mugesera’s pleadings are simply fallacious and do not hold water.

His comedic plea further argues that the ICTR has so far not convicted anybody of planning and preparing genocide against the Tutsi. Such banality defies logic. Guilt by association is not permissible in law, nor is innocence.

“So who did I plan the Genocide with, because planning involves many people?” Mugesera asks. Really?

Mugesera argues that when the genocide broke out in 1994 he was in Canada, therefore he has an “alibi.” I cannot make sense out of this, especially in light of the fact that Mugesera admits to making that infamous speech of his in 1992, the catalyst to the genocide.

Let the chips fall where they may. Mugesera has much to answer for, and his bloody hands have left imprints on the conscience of the Nation.