The Libyan uprising got rid of Moamar Gaddafi, and the world is thankful. But something is amiss in the town of TAWARGA, not far from Misrata, population, 10,000.

Quietly and ever so stealthly, a genocide has been committed against the black Libyans that inhabited this town — descendants from slaves and darker than most Libyans.

And like in Rwanda in 1994, the world has kept a blind eye. The words “NEVER AGAIN” ring ever so hollow, once again.

Today, Tawarga is entirely empty and has been declared a ” CLOSED MILITARY AREA” by the rebels. Why?

Black people have been disappearing all across Libya since the uprising against Gaddafi took root. The rebels have been arresting people on the basis of skin color. Sure there were concerns about the mercenaries Gaddafi had brought in from neighboring black States to save his regime. But, how does a whole city go missing? Where have the inhabitants gone?

Way back in June, Misrata rebels were openly talking about “CLEANSING” the region of blacks and were saying that black Libyans might as well pack up because “Tawarga no longer exists, only Misrata.”

Today, there is an empty city where Tawarga once stood. Not a soul in sight. And there is a new sign that reads “NEW MISRATA.” And the nail in the coffin, the sign by the Misrata Brigade’s slogan : THE BRIGADE FOR PURGING SLAVES (AND) BLACK SKIN.

THE NTC HAS A CASE TO ANSWER: genocide against Tawargans and crimes against humanity.


  1. Thanks for bringing this gut wrenching issue to light. Its
    amazing that the media and human rights organisations
    have complitely ignored this.

    Then again we have ourselves to blame for not speaking out.
    The AU and its member states should be taken to task
    for this gross negligence.

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